Okotoks, Alberta

Only 18 kilometres south of Calgary, the town of Okotoks lies along the Sheep River Valley in the heart of the Alberta Foothills and has spectacular views of the majestic Rocky Mountains to the west. With a population of 28,881 living in 9,840 homes, Okotoks' focus on sustainable growth that respects the natural carrying capacity of its environment is unique within the province and across the country.

As one of the first municipalities in the world to link growth targets and infrastructure development to environmental sustainability, Okotoks residents embrace and respect the natural landscape they live in and have chosen to remain small in order to stay within the natural carrying capacity of the local Sheep River rather than expand unchecked. Through a combination of stewardship efforts, social consciousness, fiscal responsibility and economics the town of Okotoks and its citizens are national leaders in sustainability. Energy efficient homes are common in Okotoks, and the town is home to North America's first solar powered subdivision.

Okotoks residents take great pride in their history and the small town charm of their community, a feeling that is accented on Elizabeth Street and Main Street in the Olde Towne downtown area, which feature one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques, preserved heritage buildings, and colourful flower beds. On North Railway Street can be found the popular Okotoks Art Gallery, specializing in art programs for children and adults alike, and the Museum and Archives Heritage House, which showcases the region's rich history.

There are plenty of parks and open spaces in the town of Okotoks, including a variety of multi-use pathways, over 90 parks, 40 playgrounds, outdoor skating rinks, as well as a skateboard park and BMX bike track. The Recreation Centre is popular among residents, and features a fitness centre, swimming pools, indoor arenas, a curling rink and gymnasium.

Okotoks has retained a charming small town atmosphere not typically found so close to large urban areas. The community is friendly and family-focused: many residents enjoy active outdoor lifestyles, and the town provides many local amenities and recreational facilities for a municipality of its size

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Core to the values of Okotoks and its residents is sustainable growth and living within the environment's carrying capacity.

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The town of Okotoks has some fantastic community events and festivals that are popular with residents and visitors alike.

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Okotoks values its rich heritage and vibrant culture, and has an active art and theatre community.

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Okotoks has over 90 parks within the town in addition to a wide variety of playgrounds, multi-use pathways, and other recreational facilities. Learn more about our arenas, greenspaces and the famous Okotoks Erratic.